Ash Tree Treatment

Emerald Ash borer is an insect that kills ash trees

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) - a highly destructive, non-native insect that kills all true ash trees.
EAB is responsible for the death of tens of millions of ash trees in 30 states. Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas have over 85,000 ash trees at risk. An ash tree can be infested for up to four years before visible signs of decline occur in the tree. 


Let us save your ash trees! Insecticide products and application methods have been developed and tested. Results of field trials have shown that even large ash trees can be effectively and consistently protected over multiple years, even in areas with densities of EAB. Recent economic analyses have concluded that treating landscape ash trees with effective systemic insecticides is much less costly than removing trees. The treatment of ash trees is done by drilling small holes through the bark and into the outer sapwood of the ash tree and injecting the insecticide. Once the treatment has been injected we will insert plugs in the holes to ensure the product stays in the tree. Your trees will need to be treated every two years.

Call 605-731-6060 for Ash Borer treatment estimates. Once your trees have been treated they will be protected for two years within 4 days of the treatment. 

Ash trees on a street in Toledo, Ohio - 3 years later how they have been impacted by EAB.

ash tree treatment sioux falls sd
ash tree treatment sioux falls sd