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Welcome to Ultimate Turf

Your one stop shop for lawn care, sprinkler, and snow removal service in
Sioux Falls, SD and surrounding communities

For over 25 years, Ultimate Turf has offered the Sioux Falls, SD area affordable lawn care, sprinkler, and snow removal services. Our full-service company aims to meet all your lawn care needs!

Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer With A Sprinkler System

What is better than a lush, green lawn? A sprinkler system! Don't wait on the rain to properly hydrate your lawn. Get with Ultimate Turf to install your next sprinkler system in Sioux Falls, SD and throughout the surrounding areas! Choosing Ultimate Turf for you sprinkler services will benefit you in:

  • Spring activation
  • Sprinkler system inspections
  • Sprinkler repairs
  • Sprinkler adjustments
  • Sprinkler system alterations
  • Fall & winterizations sprinkler line preparation
  • The grass IS greener on Ultimate Turf side! Call us today at (605) 731-6060 for any sprinkler installation and services you may need!

sprinkler installation in in Sioux falls south Dakota

Free Your Weekend - Let Us Do The Yard Work

Ultimate Turf will handle all of your yard work and lawn care so that you can finally enjoy your weekends again! If your home is in the Sioux Falls, SD or surrounding areas, Ultimate Turf will ensure that your lawn is taken care of with the best lawn care services. Some of our lawn care services include:

  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Lawn trimming
  • Mulch
  • Weed control
  • Lawn fertilization
  • Aerating, Power Raking, and Seeding
  • Call Ultimate Turf today at (605) 731-6060 and speak with with one of our lawn care experts to get your yard in tip top shape!

Driveway covered in snow?

Ultimate Turf provides excellent snow removal services all throughout Sioux Falls, SD and surrounding communities! If you find yourself trapped in by the snow, Ultimate Turf will plow the snow right away so you can continue on with your day! Our typical situations for snow removal and snow plowing servies are:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking Lots
  • No matter the location or amount of snow, if you need snow removal call Ultimate Turf today at (605) 731-6060 and we will plow the snow away!

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