Sprinkler Systems

Sioux Falls experienced and reliable sprinkler and lawn care specialist

Would you like to enhance the appearance of your homes landscape or improve the efficiency of your irrigation system? The irrigation installation professionals at Ultimate Turf have been helping people transform their properties in Sioux Falls and surrounding communities for over 25 years. Whether you are looking to remodel your irrigation system or simply need a system inspection, our team is here to serve you with services you can trust.

Sprinkler Repair

Our team has the knowledge and experience to fulfill all of your irrigation and sprinkler needs. Seasonal services such as activations to repairs and irrigation winterizing/blowouts are just a call away.

Sprinkler Services in Sioux Falls

Proper watering of your valuable landscape investment is crucial for optimum health of trees, shrubs and lawn areas. A sprinkler system needs to be properly designed in order to be cost effective as well as efficient. System checks are needed to ensure that valuable water is not wasted and so your landscape can thrive. For expert assistance for all your irrigation and sprinkler needs give us a call, we are happy to help.

Sprinkler Start up/ Activation

After a long winter, we can assist with getting your irrigation system up and running while at the same time doing a system check for any needed sprinkler repairs. Our team excels in all irrigations systems making your sprinkler system start up a painless process and should repairs be needed, we are able to provide fair and competitive pricing.

Sprinkler Winterizing / Blowout

We are making sure your sprinkler system is prepared for the cold winter weather. Our team will make sure that all components of the system has had water removed and can advise you on making sure your system makes it through the winter in great shape.

Sprinkler Remodeling & Updates

Working with an older irrigation system can be frustrating and costly for the client. Many times, simple, low cost irrigation updates can reduce high water bills and bring peace of mind. The fact that we work with all irrigation manufacturers, provides the client with the trust and confidence that Ultimate Turf can handle every clients sprinkler system needs. Whether you have recently had a new patio put in, a fence installed or new landscaping added, Ultimate turf can assist with moving, removing or adding sprinkler heads.