Ultimate Turf Prepaid Sprinkler Plans

Get sprinkler activation or winterization in Sioux Falls, SD

There is a lot going on in your yard that can disturb and damage your sprinkler system; regular mowing, digging, debris in the water line, electrical outages and more. Add to this the fact that your sprinkler runs at night, problems or damage go undetected. A lot of water and money can be wasted.

Ultimate Turf can help with all your sprinkler system needs from activation, to repairs (controller management, repair leaks, head replacement and system renovation) to winterizing. One of our prepaid Sprinkler Plans will give you peace of mind.

Ultimate Turf has a sprinkler plan that fits your needs!

Basic Plan


Includes activation & winterizing*

Premium Plan


Includes activation & winterizing and mid-summer check.*

Activation Only


Turn on water to system, ensure it is working properly and do any adjustments of heads.*

Winterize Only


Winterize your system at the end of the season to avoid freezing and cracking of pipes.*

Sprinkler Winterizing

Sprinkler Winterizing

When, Why and How You Should Winterize Your Sprinkler System

When should I winterize my sprinkler system?

As the season changes and temperatures start to significantly drop, the time has come for you to start taking action to winterize your sprinkler system. Your main goal is to protect your sprinkler system before the freezing weather gets a hold of it.

How does sprinkler winterization work?

Here at Ultimate Turf, we drain your system lines using our state of the art air compressor for safe and efficient clearing of all of the water. Then we will manually turn off all appropriate values to ensure no leakage has accrued. Finally, we will allow the right about of air flow (blowout) through your lines to allow for any lasting water to clear out before the first hard freeze.

Should I winterize my sprinkler system?

Yes! You should always winterize your sprinkler system to prevent busted or cracked pipes. By not winterizing your sprinkler system, you can run into costly repairs or even new installations of a sprinkler system. Also, you can run into above ground problems such as broken nozzles due from the expansion of frozen water and excavation of your property to replace or repair the cracked lines.

If you are looking into winterizing your sprinkler system this season, call us today at 605-731-6060 to get started. Ultimate Turf installs, repairs, winterize sprinkler systems and sprinkler blowouts throughout the Sioux Falls, SD community!

*If minor repairs are needed they will be completed and any parts or additional time will be billable.

What Can Happen If You Don't Winterize Your Sprinkler System?

Don't Let This Happen To Your Sprinkler System!

Make sure you get your sprinklers winterized BEFORE the first freeze. If you haven't had your system winterized and it is frozen, no worries, Ultimate Turf can help! If the system is frozen there will be an additional fee (minimum of $25) to thaw out the system before we can winterize it. Contact our team in Sioux Falls, SD today at 605-731-6060 to speak with one of our specialist.

Get your sprinkler winterized before there is damage to the system and repairs are needed.